A guide to Gangwon-do – A perfect destination for adventure and relaxation

Gangwon-do is a province in northeastern South Korea, known for its stunning natural scenery, world-class ski resorts, and charming coastal towns. It is a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists, offering a wide range of activities to enjoy year-round.

If you’re a mountain enthusiast, Gangwon-do should be on your bucket list. The province is home to some of South Korea’s highest peaks, including the majestic Seoraksan. This towering giant, standing at 1,708 meters, is not for the faint of heart. The challenging hike to the summit rewards you with breathtaking views of lush forests, crystal-clear streams, and rugged cliffs. It’s an adventure that will test your mettle and leave you with a deep sense of accomplishment.

Gangwon-do isn’t just a paradise for hikers; it’s also a haven for winter sports enthusiasts. The province is famous for hosting the Winter Olympics in 2018 and boasts top-notch ski resorts. Whether you’re an experienced skier or a newbie looking to learn, Gangwon-do has slopes for everyone. Imagine gliding down powdery slopes, surrounded by a pristine winter wonderland. The adrenaline rush is real!

Credits: Gangwon Province

Cities and counties under the province:

  • Chuncheon city
  • Wonju city
  • Gangneung city
  • Donghae City
  • Taebaek City
  • Sokcho city
  • Samcheok city
  • Hongcheon-gun
  • Hoengseong-gun
  • Yeongwol-gun
  • Pyeongchang-gun
  • Jeongseon-gun
  • Cheorwon-gun
  • Hwacheon-gun
  • Yanggu-gun
  • Inje-gun
  • Goseong-gun
  • Yangyang-gun

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